Tuesday QnA: Session 4

It is Tuesday and we are back with our question and answer session where we answer the questions you ask us. So here are three questions we are answering in this post.  You can send us your questions as  comments on this post or even message us on our Facebook page.

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Q1. As a professional, how can I use infographics?

A1. Information graphics, or infographics as they are popularly called are a great way to present data in a catchy and appealing way. You can use infographics in your presentations, in reports; some even say that infographics might be the future of resumes.


Q2. I have just changed my department in office. Any tips on how to get along with a new boss?

A2. A boss is likely to like you if what you do makes him/her look good. So watch carefully if your boss is a quantitative/qualitative analysis person, people/process person etc. Do what makes you gel in with the new team and take steps that help build the team’s and boss’ reputation in the eyes of clients and superiors. Good luck!


Q3. I have often found that even though I have a clear idea of my goals, I am not able to achieve them. What can I do to improve?

A3. Don’t worry this is a common problem. To achieve goals effectively, write down your goals. Draw a picture, a cartoon; anything that represents the outcome of you having achieved that goal. It could be a vacation in Hawaii or a new car or a bigger cabin. Now put this picture in a place where you can see it everyday.  Next take the first step towards your goal. Make that excel sheet, write that email. And you will follow through easily. The beginning is the hardest part anyway.

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