Lessons From Lennon

Today, October 9 marks the birthday of John Lennon, one of the most legendary musicians and one of the founders of the internationally acclaimed popular music band : The Beatles. He was known for his wit and his revolutionary nature and today, this post brings to you five of his quotes that remain a source of inspiration for many across the world:

1. “Produce your own dream. It’s quite possible to do anything, but not if you put it on the leaders, you have to do it yourself.”

2. “A mistake is only an error, it becomes a mistake when you fail to correct it”

3. “A dream that you dream alone is a dream. A dream that you dream together is reality.”

4. “The world is still spinning and so are we and so are you. When the spinning stops, that’ll be the time to worry. Not before.”

5. “There are no problems, only solutions”

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How To Groom Future Team Leaders


So, you have a team of enthusiastic, competent individuals. But for growth, it is necessary that you groom future team leaders too. Here is how to:

1. Lead by your actions: This is the simplest and the most effective way. Your team will follow you as their team leader and soon the qualities that you want to see in the next team leaders will be the qualities you exhibit. So, be goal oriented, be supportive of others, be creative, the list is yours to create.

2. Invest in your team: This goes without saying. You must provide learning opportunities to your team. Book an hour every week for a self help session, or subsidize their higher education or enroll the team in a soft skills workshop.

3. Encourage them: Appreciate their efforts, applaud them when they achieve their targets. Encourage them to take risks, ask their opinions when making decisions so that they feel they are involved too. Encourage them to think out of the box and be innovative.

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Tuesday QnA: Session 10

It is Tuesday and we are back with our question and answer session where we answer the questions you ask us. So here are three questions we are answering in this post.  You can send us your questions as  comments on this post or even message us on our Facebook page.
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Q1.  I hear the phrase ‘Personal Branding’ being thrown around a lot in my professional circle. What is this Personal Brand and how do I get my own Personal Brand? 
A1  When you hear McDonalds, do you visualise a huge ‘M’ with the tagline “I’m loving it “? That is how your personal brand works. It allows other people to remember you and what you represent instantly.  In order to build your own personal brand, list down a few words that describe what you do and who you are precisely. What do you want to be recognised as? What is your target audience? Act in accordance with the answer to these questions and voila, you have your personal brand ready.
Q2. I am a fresher in the HR domain. What would your advice be when it comes to writing job descriptions?
A2  Start with jotting down the Job Title, Job Type, CTC and Job Location. Prepare a summary of what all the job duties entail. Also include the standards for performance. Add any specific requirements if necessary.
Q3.  What can I do for a smooth transition from college life to professional life?
A3.  Prepare yourself to put in continuous efforts at work till you achieve your targets. Modify your behaviour, dressing style etc. according to your workplace. Polish your communication skills. Also brush up on your software skills, especially MS Office Suite. Prioritize your tasks at work so that you can achieve some sort of work-life balance. Last but not the least, learn how to manage your finances so that you can actually make your salary last the whole month. Cheers!
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How To Reinvent Yourself Professionally

So maybe it is because you are contemplating a new job, or you are just looking for a change, a professional makeover is a phase that all professionals go through. Here is how to do it with sheer awesomeness:

1. Acquire new skills: This is an easy way to add a new dimension to your resume. If taking a sabbatical is not possible, enrol yourself in any long distance learning program, or request your superiors to be trained for another profile.

2. Be creative: Let your creative instinct guide you at work. Pour your creativity in your projects, come up with new ideas.  Present your work using handmade folders instead of power point slides, whatever works for you and is not over the top.

3. Network with new people: This is something that most people think to be unnecessary. The people you network with are also a part of your professional image. Remember, a man is known by the company he keeps. So meet new people, discuss new ideas. And if you can, mentor someone. You will learn a lot of new stuff this way.


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Dear Diary: Komal’s Day At QuezX

Okay, my day starts with rushing into the office.  I agree that punctuality has its merits and they are many, but I believe that the time that is productive is the time that is worth keeping track of.  In my opinion, the pillars of success are: keeping your morale high at all times, being open to challenges and building upon pre existing projects by infusing them with your own creativity to take them further.

Success for me, means going further and further, pushing all my limits and achieving higher targets every time. I believe that ambition is a good thing. Because ambition fuels me to reach for further achievements. For me motivations comes from receiving appreciation from my seniors. And I believe everyone must have that one undying source of motivation that rejuvenates one like the spring in the midst of harsh winter.

If I have to answer what I want to be, I would say that I want to reach to a place where others can look upon me and be inspired. And I want to get to that place as quickly as possible, because life is short. I want to be a leader, a leader by my own merit and a leader who requires no designation but inspires people to give their best just by being there.  Oh and if I could have my own personal genie, just like Aladdin had, that would be wonderful!


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The Fifth Year Wonder



In China, when they grow Bamboo, it grows in a very unusual fashion. Imagine a Chinese farmer sowing the bamboo seeds. Watering them, putting in fertilizers and taking care of the plant in every way possible but not a single sprout results. Then the second year comes by and the farmer continues to take care of the plant and sees no sprouts shooting from the ground yet. About time when the farmer should stop wasting his time, right? Wrong. The farmer continues and the third year passes by and the fourth one too.

Whoa! In the fifth year, like a magical wonder, the bamboo plant shoots up to greater than 80 feet.  It seems magical, but the little plant had worked hard to achieve what seems like a sudden success. It meticulously developed a complex root system and continued to grow under the ground. It was working while at the surface it seemed like this was going toi be a failure. And then, it all paid off. Without the hard work of the four years during which the plant developed its roots, it would have been nearly impossible to support the 80 feet height of the fifth year.

So, plan and take time in getting things right, working all of it to the minutest of the detail. patience and perseverance come together to form an unbeatable potion for success.


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How To Nurture Your Creativity


Creativity? Huh? Isn’t that just for artists or writers and other such people? No. Every human being is capable of creative thinking, whether it is a musician or a businessman like yourself. And creative thinking isn’t an innate ability, here is how to nurture your creativity for higher success:

1. Stop Treading The Known Path : This is a major block to creativity. If you are always building your solutions off the pre existing building blocks, where would the creativity in that be?

2. See In A New Light:  Okay, so new ideas won’t just come and hit you while you sit and stare at the problem. Twist the situation. Ask yourself: “What If?” Get your team together, invite even the wackiest of ideas. Brainstorming this way would spur creativity in your team.

3. Place Restrictions On Yourself: Now, this might seem counter-intuitive at first, but studies have shown that when you keep yourself from brandishing your tried and tested tactics yet again, your mind would come up with new ideas to flaunt.

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